Jemma Jackson

Senior Interior Designer

"The key to future-proofing design lies in creating spaces that are flexible and multifunctional"

Jemma is a highly skilled interior designer with the ability to craft new and exciting narratives that cover both creative and operational strategies. Her approach focuses wholeheartedly on the people who will use the space. She is a confident and articulate professional who collaborates with both staff and students at all stages of project planning to interpret what is needed from their educational learning environment.

Jemma’s background in commercial interiors and retail fitouts has given her broad expertise with particular strengths in creating adaptable spaces for a variety of activities. Students and teachers are looking for open, fluid designs enabling different styles of learning. A multipurpose interior can create opportunities for encounters, interaction and collaboration as well as independent learning. Her use of pattern, texture, lighting and furniture transforms interiors into spaces that encourage teamwork and a sense of play and joy, fuel curiosity and achieve a sense of wellbeing.

For Jemma, a vital component of every scheme is to future-proof the space by ensuring interiors are adaptive and multifunctional. With over 16 years’ industry experience, Jemma’s talent for design and ability to interpret a client’s vision enable her to deliver dynamic interiors that inspire and motivate students to become lifelong learners.