Kasia Podrygajlo

Associate / Arch Reg. 10031

"A robust learning community needs a strong sense of identity to deliver a more connected and engaging experience"

A key member of the team since 2014, Kasia is an experienced team leader who has worked on a number of significant projects from concept through to completion, developing educational spaces for clients including public, Catholic and independent schools. Kasia’s approach combines the talent of a compelling and imaginative designer with the ability to determine and articulate specific client and project needs. Her knowledge of pedagogy, new generation learning spaces and technology is underscored by expertise in master planning, visualisation and concept design.

Passionate about designing spaces that encourage creativity and foster a sense of place and interaction, Kasia has a deep connection with the way quality design can inspire students by providing flexible and interesting ways to learn. She represents a new generation of visionary young architects who understand the profound ways in which the built environment impacts student learning outcomes. This understanding is even more crucial with the developing role that schools play in our rapidly densifying communities as neighbourhood centres and social hubs as well as learning facilities.

Kasia works at all stages of the design process from discovery workshops to schematic design and construction documentation with the goal of giving students an educational space that promotes collaboration, socialisation and variety in teaching and learning activities. Kasia is also an expert linguist and an active member of Sydney’s arts and cultural scene who regularly engages with and mentors new graduates.