Sean Harrison

General Manager

“As General Manager of JDH Architects, Sean is responsible for the smooth running of the practice and ensuring that outstanding quality is achieved on every project.”

Sean is a highly skilled project and risk manager with a stellar career background working for high profile corporations in London, Hong Kong and Sydney. Sean’s expertise guided JDH Architects through its ISO9001 accreditation, while his strong leadership skills and progressive approach have fostered a culture of quality and a cohesive team environment. With an eye for detail and a focus on quality, Sean has developed a highly effective business model that has enabled the company to expand and scale. His approach not only fosters productivity and efficiency, and allows a collaborative and learning culture that encourages growth and innovation.

Sean is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and is an excellent mentor to our team leadership group. He runs workshops and training sessions to develop the team’s understanding of project management, project planning and risk management, in addition to developing their team leadership skills. He is a supportive and actively engaged team leader who goes out of his way to make sure that everyone has the tools that they need to maximise their performance in their current role.