Project Description

Brookvale Community Centre


The Brookvale Community Centre is located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and designed for use by the whole community. The centre functions as a pre-school, adult learning area and community resource for meetings and social gatherings.

A multi-functional building with shared space for childcare and adult community services, the building provides a high-quality learning environment for parents and their children through early childhood education and programs on parenting and adult literacy.


JDH Architects was introduced to this project with community spirit in mind. The task was to connect the wider community with the fabric of the building while reinforcing a sense of local ownership and identity and promoting a safe space for shared use. The centre provides a multi-purpose landscape to inspire a sense of community, forge real connections and encourage shared enjoyment.


The proposed multi-functional building has shared space for childcare and adult community services. The front half of the building welcomes adults into a learning environment with a ‘quiet room’ and open foyer area.

Individual counseling is provided in the quiet room that is also used by staff members for small meetings and group discussions. A large multi-purpose room was designed with flexibility in mind and can be used for larger groups, presentations and school performances or divided into two rooms for adult education classes and meetings.

Project Details


Master planning, Architecture, Interior Design




Warringah Council