Project Description



Founded in 1853, St Felix Primary School is one of Australia’s oldest Catholic schools. Growing from 40 to 400 pupils, St Felix continues to progress as a modern, sustainably conscious primary school located in Bankstown.


St Felix teamed up with JDH Architects to transform their school canteen and associated outdoor learning space into a welcoming and creative educational hub, a project that was budgeted at under $1,000.


Believing that the most successful and sustainable school grounds projects actively involve the staff, students, parents and community, the team worked hard to understand the needs of all key stakeholders to develop a conscientious and relevant solution. The process and the space it created fostered collaboration, creative thinking and sustainability.

St Felix and JDH Architects organised and participated in a one-day, hands on design and build process to help realise the educational vision of the school’s outdoor spaces and create a valued community resource.

Project Details


Architecture, Painting, Building, Having fun!




St Felix Catholic Primary School