Project Description

Chevalier College MPH


As part of an overarching master plan, the brief for this project was to design a multi-purpose school and community building which not only satisfied the pedagogical needs of the students at Chevalier College, but also celebrated the College’s connection to its local community.


JDH architects spent more than two years consulting, designing and collaborating with all project stakeholders, including community representatives, to ensure the successful integration of this building into its wider context. We applied a whole-site approach to the project, developing a robust, nuanced and master-planned design solution, aligning with the 360-degree strategic vision of the school and its surroundings.

This thoughtful process minimises negative effects on the environment through the use of natural lighting, ventilation, passive heating and cooling strategies, solar shading, insulation, water harvesting and recycling. At the same time, the design is of durable construction and finish, and the building and its surrounds have been carefully considered to reduce construction cost and demolition costs to funnel resources into the elegance of the overall design.



The building embodies and demonstrates multiple principles of sustainable design, and aligns with the values and mission of the College.

Our innovative approach also addressed key metrics for the functionality and operation of the building, including:

  • Access for people of all physical abilities.
  • Passive sustainable design through creative building orientation.
  • Safety in design with respect to the design of structures, during construction and in operation.
  • Security both within the building and in the public environment by providing passive surveillance.
  • Heritage considering the significance and history of the site.
  • Longevity through an intellectual approach to the overall design.

Exemplifying the building’s innovative design are the oversized glass doors that glide into adjacent walls – these reveal shared experiences that accommodate numerous gatherings and experiences. They also connect with the verdant playing fields, which form a strong part of the dialogue between the building and its setting.

In addition to pushing the boundaries of innovation, we also wanted the space to emphasise education. For example, raked ceilings hug the roofline as an expression of geometry and reference the genius loci of the pyramid cone.

The overall design is inspired by the themes of collaboration, inspiration, sustainability, transformation, community and excellence. Spaces are attractive and flooded with natural light to encourage a sense of wellbeing. The design also fosters a sense of inclusion and ownership, along with a positive relationship between the building and the parklands in which it sits.

By its nature, this unique project challenged us to create a facility that is accessible, secure, healthy, and productive, all the while minimising its impact on the environment and the natural setting of the College.

Project Details


Master planning. Architecture. Landscape Design


Secondary College


The Board, Chevalier College