Project Description

St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School, Panania



St Christopher’s is a Catholic primary School with a focus on educating the whole person. The school’s high expectations of their students in the realm of spiritual, academic, creative and social prowess is reflected in their School motto, ‘Love and Service’.


JDH Architects has been working with the school and its community since 2011; firstly master planning the site to uncover its potential and create a whole new community of learning in order to deliver flexible, innovative and contemporary learning spaces across the whole school. Stage 1 of the project was designed to capture the creativity and co-teaching skills of the Year 1 and Kindergarten leaders in learning.


JDH Architects started with an extensive master planning and engagement program, with the intent of collaborating with the whole school community to develop a robust strategy to re-imagine the learning right across the school. The team worked closely with the school leadership team to design facilities that were flexible enough to respond to modern pedagogy, and to push boundaries and provoke deeper thinking about the teaching and learning at the school. New ideas were developed and integrated into the design, facilitated by hands-on teacher and student workshops through the lifecycle of the project.

The flexible and trans-formative nature of each space provided allows for both short-term changes of layout and use, and long-term expansion or contraction of the overall building. With a keen and constant eye on good environmental conditions, the learning spaces enjoy optimum levels of natural light and ventilation and acoustic separation.

Project Details


Master planning, Architecture, Interior Design


Primary School


Sydney Catholic Schools