Project Description

St Johns Catholic College, Dubbo


Founded in 1969, St Johns College is a co-educational Catholic college providing quality education for young people from Year 7 through to Year 12 in a secure and supportive Christian environment.

St Johns College has a resounding focus on educating the hearts, minds and bodies of students to create socially aware and active community members.


As a College with deep history and committed Catholic values, JDH Architects had the challenge of maintaining the integrity of the traditional form of existing building’s whist catering to goals of modern innovation, and celebrating the Colleges presence in the Catholic community.


The JDH Architects team designed a new face to the administration building of this 1,200-student college. With an emphasis on welcoming the community into the college campus and promoting its Catholic values, the project included a major upgrade to administration and adjacent public domain.

The admin extension connects neatly to the existing structure whilst respecting the original form and character of the building. The copper facade highlights the Catholic identity and connects the college to the local copper mining community. As time passes by, the copper facade will mature with the college and become a marker for the quality Catholic education that is synonymous with the college.

Project Details


Architecture, Interior Design


Secondary College


Catholic Education Office, Bathurst