Project Description

St Raphael’s


St Raphael’s Primary School was founded by four Sisters of Charity on the 14th of September 1952. It continued to expand throughout the sixties, and by the early seventies an influx of students prompted the construction of four demountable classrooms. By 1990, all buildings were in a state of disrepair and a submission was made to the Federal Government for assistance to refurbish the original building and erect three new classrooms, administration and staff facilities. The submission was a success and commenced in 1994. The new St Raphael’s was officially opened and blessed by Cardinal Clancy on Sunday 10th March, 1996. A refurbishment of K-3 classrooms took place in 2008, with a further refurbishment of Year 4-6 classrooms in 2009 and the Library in 2012.


Set on an urban Church site, the client required a school hall which could also be used as a vibrant and intimate learning space. The hall itself is elevated to allow for the retention of the play-ground below. Multi-function spaces to the ground floor are to be used by both school and parish, with a new canteen for school lunches and social occasions.


The building is designed for adaptability to accommodate spaces and facilities expected for the current range of curriculum delivery, while offering options for future change. The design embraces the needs of all users, including teachers, learning support assistants, specialists, visitors, parents, other support and service workers and pupils of all ages.

Project Details


Master planning. Architecture. Landscape Design


Primary School


Sydney Catholic Schools