JDH Architects was established with a vision to build Australia’s most innovative and creative architectural practice specialising in the fields of educational planning and design.

Our philosophy is guided by our founding values: respect, curiosity and creativity. We value RESPECT for each other and the world in which we live. We thrive on CURIOSITY and drive change. We think CREATIVELY and are adventurous problem solvers.

Our mantra, always learning, uniquely positions us as specialist educational architects. Having delivered 150+ projects in all sectors of education, our focus is, and always will be, on learning.

At JDH Architects, we pride ourselves on being pioneers. We promote a culture of sincerity, openness and equal opportunity and are a forward-thinking practice that encourages our employees to question, learn and develop. Informed by rigorous research, driven by curiosity and powered by determination, our team delivers robust architectural and educational solutions based on a real understanding of each and every one of our clients. Our places of learning are designed for people, by people. For us, this is the joy of architecture.


Whether you work with us, or for us, we invite you to share in our mission –

To create purposeful learning environments that enable people to shine…

JDH Architects believes in the power of working with purpose. We believe our work to create places of learning has the power to transform lives and better the world we live in. For this reason, we are dedicated to learning, yours and our own.


With people at the heart of our ethos, JDH Architects is a design studio with a passion for problem solving that thrives on challenging the norm. The collaborative power of our team forms the cornerstone of our approach and encourages a process of rigorous refinement. Our clients are presented with innovative solutions that combine learning, architecture and humanity with the objective of delivering a positive and long lasting impact on both the environment and community at large.

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Inspired by our mantraalways learning, we have created JDH Ed, an in-house academy dedicated to the education of staff, clients and the wider community. JDH Ed is a forum where information, ideas and creativity are harnessed to inform and guide our understanding of learning and the learning environment. Developed as a standalone educational academy, JDH Ed is open to anyone in the field of education who shares a curious mind and a desire for action.

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